Japan MA-T Industrial Association


MA-T® has prospects for many food hygiene applications

In the field of food hygiene, MA-T® is expected to have applications in a variety of settings, including hygiene management at food factories and sterilization of tableware, in addition to food itself. It also has potential as a food additive.

Can also be used in sundries

Approval of MA-T® as a food additive would come after its approval as a drug, so is some way off. Until then, it would have to be used as a sundry to manage hygiene in food factories. The Food Sanitation Act prohibits the use of anything that does not meet its standards. Anything placed in the mouth should have the MA-T® preparation rinsed off first.
Still, it will likely have many applications in environmental sanitation. MA-T® produces aqueous radicals only as needed, facilitating a high degree of effectiveness and safety at concentrations safe for humans. MA-T® can kill even spore-forming bacteria depending on the formulation and application. It does not corrode metals, is nonflammable, and odorless, so is unlikely to cause problems when used in factories. In areas with no people, it can be sprayed and dispersed.
Of course we will prepare to have MA-T® approved as a food additive, but it can also be used in many settings as a sundry, just as in infection prevention. We hope that all of our members take active steps in this area.