Japan MA-T Industrial Association


MA-T® aims for the future of agriculture gentle on people and the earth

MA-T® could be a superior agrichemical. Here we give an overview as an MA-T® product would have a significant social impact and is something the world could put to good use.

Development from global perspective

Our association homepage does not have any entries under “Topics” for two of the application fields: food hygiene and agriculture. If it is applied to agriculture, it will take a long time to obtain approval.
Agrichemical makers are very interested in MA-T® due to its potential to be a superior product. Despite good experimental results in the past, we have not moved forward with longer term tests due to funding availability, so trials have been suspended.
These days, agrichemical development is global in nature, and overseas rollout is under consideration. The approval of MA-T® agrichemicals would have a significant social impact. Just as with MA-T® disinfectant, the aim is to produce highly effective and safe products gentle on people and the earth.

Areas with untapped potential

Apart from agrichemicals, another potential use for MA-T® is seed disinfection. Standard practice would entail the endorsement of the Food and Agricultural Materials Inspection Center (FAMIC) once it has understood the effectiveness and safety of MA-T®. We think that acting as an industrial association rather than one company on its own is likely to make for smoother progress.
One idea is to gather companies interested in the sector to form an Agriculture Working Group. If recommendations or advice to government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are needed, we would collaborate with Association For Resilience Japan (which has set up an MA-T® Industry Creation Strategy Council) to solve problems.
Potential applications in agriculture are wide-ranging and new findings point to significant underlying demand. Other research shows that MA-T® may promote crop growth. Agriculture has great potential for it and could be a significant market depending on developments. We look forward to progress here.